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Founded in 2001, PSL Equipment, Inc. / PSL Lab Supplies is an organization of professionals dedicated to providing quality products and excellent customer service.

We offer a complete line of consumable supplies and tabletop equipment for Histology, Pathology and MOHS. We are constantly increasing our product lines and developing new and innovative products and services. If you have special needs, please contact us and our expert staff will help you acquire the products and services you need to operate your facility efficiently and economically.

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Vendor Showcase

14 Drawer Slide Storage Cabinet

14 Drawer Slide Storage Cabinet

Each cabinet accommodate approx 5000 Microscope Slides.

Dimensions: 485 x 480 x 146mm

The cabinet has a lip running the full width of both front and rear to
lock securely with the next cabinet in the stack. Each drawer is fitted
with stops to prevent accidental removal .

Base Stand and top covers are sold separately for the

The base stand Order #46-5102-00

Top covers allow cabinets to become additional work surfaces – Order #46-5101-00
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